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Business Administration

Business Administration supplies the information that is essential to the functioning of the internal business process. Business administration is therefore a vital instrument to execute corporate policy and to anticipate and cater for business decisions. The information concerning past results, forms the unequivocal material that guides future policies, since corporate management can adequately assess which future activities should be stimulated, postponed or adjusted.

“All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them”

Galileo Galilei (15/02/1564 – 08/01/1642), Italian physicist, mathematician, astronomer and philosopher

Van Clamsfield International Ltd. attends to an organization’s business administration, employing the following applications:

  1. Processing of all financial data, journal entries and reconciliations with the use of the online bookkeeping program King Business Software, which is the most prominent and professional bookkeeping program in the Netherlands;
  2. Assurance of safety: the bookkeeping program is operated from within a wholly-owned, safe and complete accountancy cloud, facilitated with its own ICT-environment that fits the needs of even the most complex listed firms;
  3. Van Clamsfield International Ltd. is awarded with the Dutch government certificate of the internationally recognized standard business reporting (SBR) for intermediaries, which allows for encrypted and therefore safe communication and transfer of financial data (in XBRL-format) with the IRS, financial institutions, the Chamber of Commerce and the Central Agency of Statistics in the Netherlands;
  4. Filing sales tax returns, whilst utilizing SBR certificate and enclosed safety procedures;
  5. Establishment in the bookkeeping program of an organization’s policies regarding the accounts receivable and the accounts payable;
  6. Adequate control instrument to conduct a thorough cost/benefit analysis against management’s forecasts.

Van Clamsfield International Ltd. comprehends the importance of reliable information that is readily available, with just the right amount of detail to meet the information needs of business management and to facilitate the strategic decisions of the Board of directors in order to accomplish a synergistic optimal outcome.

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