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Green EU Subsidies

72889153-graan-in-buitenlucht.jpgSocially responsible and sustainable entrepreneurship is a mindset. Businesses are programmed to establish growth, yet as scarcity of natural resources comes into play, the real value-added contribution to society needs to be assessed. Every firm is given an invisible license to operate its business activities by society. However, in the event that these decisions turn out to harm society’s constituents or the license is based on a false sense of legitimacy, society revokes the firm’s societal license. As a consequence, such organizations are closed down all together or they are faced with grave economic hardship. Therefore, it is of vital importance for every organization to assess their social and environmental policy.

“The thought is a deed. Of all deeds she fertilizes the world most.”

Émile Zola (02/04/1840 – 29/09/1902), French writer, playwright and journalist

Van Clamsfield International Ltd. assists organizations throughout:

  1. The entire application process of the various available green subsidies, which are granted by the European Union (EU);
  2. These subsidies range from the (agricultural) investment in ecologically sound measures that promote energy efficiency or the improvement of water quality to eco-innovation and renewable energy projects;
  3. Most of these subsidies are also open to small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). SMEs are defined by the European Union to employ a workforce consisting of no more than 250 employees, an annual turnover of up to € 50 million or a balance sheet total of no more than € 43 million;
  4. Eligibility concerning fiscal (sustainability) grants on investments or R&D in the organization’s field of work.

Van Clamsfield International Ltd. realizes that every market requires an essentially different translation of an organization’s sustainability program. Thus, Van Clamsfield International Ltd. guides firms to ensure that their sustainability program constitutes a vital part of their customer relationship management, thereby creating increased opportunities for economic growth and a subsequent steady return on investment. In addition, your organization is making a critical contribution to the social and environmental wellbeing of this planet and all of its inhabitants.

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