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Integrated Reporting

10669171-blad-met-2-druppels.jpgIntegrated Reporting is aimed at providing a respectable level of holistic accounting and is exemplary of the exceptional nature that is enclosed within sustainable development. That is, integrated reporting offers dual-pronged benefits - adding value to the firm and its stakeholders - by responsively addressing financial, environmental and social issues in one report. At the heart of a substantive integrated report, a firm displays a social acknowledgement and an unrelenting insistence that the firm’s actions make a difference to both the firm as well as a wide range of society’s constituents.

“Society bristles with enigmas which look hard to solve. It is a perfect maze of intrigue.”

Honoré de Balzac (20/05/1799 – 18/08/1850), French novelist and playright

Van Clamsfield International Ltd. provides advisory services that allow organizations to engage in sustainability (=integrated) reporting by focusing on:

  1. Systemic stakeholder engagement by employing Jürgen Habermas’ ideal speech situation as well as a deepened understanding and reflection upon the organization’s view on their state of accountability;
  2. Promoting the methodological double-edged sword of integrated reporting: protecting and enhancing shareholder value as well as ensuring that the risks concerning undesirable environmental and societal impacts are adequately identified, evaluated and disclosed.

In doing so, Van Clamsfield International Ltd. urges its clients never to lose focus of the primary aim of the integrated report, which is to offer a statement of the organization’s financial reality in conjunction with the organization’s environmental and societal potential rather than providing a mere description of actual operational capability.

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