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Strategies of Corporate Social (& environmental) Responsibility (CSR)

14200777-afrikaanse-vrouwen.jpgCorporate social (& environmental) responsibility (CSR) is the concluding piece of the sustainable development concept. Organizations which embrace CSR strategies profess an intensified commitment to making changes in corporate attitudes, policies and structures that not only add to corporate value but also lead to long-term economic, environmental and social progress in the interest of their worldwide constituents.

“Arriving at one goal is the starting point to another”

John Dewey (20/10/1859 – 01/06/1952), American philosopher, psychologist and educational reformer

Van Clamsfield International Ltd. supports and advises organizations on the integration of CSR into their corporate strategy, thereby focusing on issues such as:

  1. Adherence to the letter of the law as well as the intent of the law;
  2. Compliance with (inter)national regulations;
  3. Consideration for cultural principles and local customs;
  4. Preserving the continuation of an adequate realization and enforcement of an organization’s code of ethics;
  5. Upholding the validity and effectiveness of the sustainability program;
  6. Ongoing continuation of a viable stakeholder participation process;
  7. Demonstrating accountability in all aspects of the organization’s operations;
  8. Embarking on the search for new frontiers of the organization’s global impact and future contribution;
  9. Pioneering change by challenging the status quo and demonstrating leading solutions;
  10. Transcending static & symbolic organizational structures & processes by replacing them with organic & substantive organizational structures & processes.

Stakeholder engagement plays a substantial role in attaining these objectives. Innovating firms, that adopt a more socially and environmentally responsible vision of their business model, increase their firm value and contribute to the development of making sustainability an integral element of global economic integration at the same time.

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