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Forensic Risk Management

129557486-klaprozen.jpgForensic risk management is about the comprehension that there are different risk appetites for different participants within the organization, such as sales vs. control or the lower management vs. top management. In the adoption process of an organizational risk culture, an organization should set the tone for risk tolerance and simultaneously control for the adherence to established risk boundaries. Moreover, the risk tolerance set at the top, should be taken into account in all business decisions.

“You must learn all things, both the unshaken heart of persuasive truth, and the opinions of mortals in which there is no true warranty”

Parmenides (fl. early 5th century BCE), Ancient Greek philosopher

Van Clamsfield International Ltd. offers advice and robust solutions on the following subjects:

  1. Evaluation and reduction of organizational risk exposure – for concerns or stand-alone firms – with the use of the new COSO (the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations) framework;
  2. Tools and incentives guide, directed to focusing an organization’s risk appetites not only on capital but also on human behavior;
  3. Pre-emptive strike thinking according to black-swan theory: what one does not know, is increasingly more relevant than what one does know;
  4. Forensic exposure and detection of unknown risks and pitfalls, using financial statement analysis, the fiscal-judicial capital trail and business administration;
  5. Mapping risks that arise out of the acquisition or sale of a business or business components;
  6. Filtering the risk out of cross-border altercations, using an holistic approach that covers the commercial, fiscal and legal implications;
  7. Attention to the essential aspects of disaster recovery planning and business continuity planning.

Van Clamsfield International Ltd. is determined to assist organizations in fitting their tolerance for risk into the context of their corporate strategy. In order to accomplish this result, management must gain a deepened and thorough understanding of the nature, cost, and repercussions of adversity and manage those risks accordingly. Unmanageable risks should be hedged or transferred to a third party.

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