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Management Accounting

81080380-kamelen-in-dubai.jpgManagement Accounting is aimed at providing an organization’s management with relevant information that is not only timely but is also concentrated on the rapidly changing circumstances in the internal and external business environments that the organization is facing. The evaluation of this information permits a sharpened decision-making process and simultaneously facilitates a necessary and often desired flexibility in management’s autonomy to exercise decision authority within the perimeters of the organization’s corporate strategy. Thereby, structuring the behavioral effects of information will assist management to satisfy the challenge of incumbent information needs.

“No finite point has meaning without an infinite reference point.”

Jean-Paul Sartre (21/06/1905 – 15/04/1980), French philosopher, novelist and political activist

Van Clamsfield International Ltd. renders assistance on various cost-allocation issues, such as:

  1. Insight into the activity-based costing dynamic of the firm; attention to vital drivers and analysis of the cost per unit;
  2. Analysis on the worth of perfect information; employing states of nature to determine the maximum price an organization should pay to achieve economic value optimization;
  3. Examination of the contribution margin per unit to determine for instance the question of production versus outsourcing; in more detail the optimal production number of E.g. perishable products – that maximizes firm value - can be established.
  4. Detailed variances analysis on the level of price, budget, market size, market share and marketing mix;
  5. Information on the optimal project combination in the face of capital rationing.

Van Clamsfield International Ltd. comprehends that achieving excellence in quality is the primary focal point in any organization’s strategy. Therefore, Van Clamsfield International Ltd. is committed to treating all aspects of the organization’s investing decision - including the financial impact of not investing - recognizing that an organization is a moving baseline, whereby the status quo should never be taken for granted.

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