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Payroll Administration

63172243-ketting-aan-boot.jpgPayroll administration is concerned with the payment of an organization’s human capital for their contribution. It is of vital importance that this is accomplished in compliance with the dynamic and continually changing employment laws.

Van Clamsfield International Ltd. provides a payroll administration that encompasses the following facets:

  1. Payroll processing align with the assigned period (weekly/four-weekly/monthly);
  2. Compliance with union laws, employment laws and additional regulations;
  3. Distribution of pay slip per employee;
  4. Cumulative data;
  5. Payroll journal entries;
  6. Registration of vacation hours;
  7. Filing payroll tax returns;
  8. Overview of pension plans.

Van Clamsfield International Ltd. is committed to a smoothly run payroll processing system, which adequately functions on a secure and timely basis.

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