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Letter of the CEO

CEODear potential future client,

Please grant me the opportunity to introduce myself: my name is Naomi de Bie and I am the CEO & Founder of Van Clamsfield International Ltd.

Van Clamsfield International Ltd. is founded in 2009 and is named after my grandfather André van Clamsfield, who I unfortunately never had the privilege to meet, yet from stories I gather that he served as an inspiration to many and therefore I am proud that the company name bears testimony to his legacy.

From 2003 to 2012, I studied at the University of Amsterdam. My scientific education consists of specializations in International & European tax law (LL.M), Fiscal Economics (MSc) and Accountancy & Control (MSc), all of which I completed in the year 2012.

During my years of study at the University of Amsterdam, I noticed an interesting area of tension between commercial financial reporting and fiscal reporting; from a commercial standpoint, directors prefer to present financial statements to their shareholders that signify high profit numbers, yet from a fiscal standpoint displaying high profits to local tax authorities is not deemed preferable by organizations, which wish to minimize their effective tax burden. Tax law is considered to be very restrictive by many people and though there is truth to this, stipulations within tax law also open up a lot of possibilities for companies to rethink and/or redesign their corporate frameworks as fiscal law provides numerous solutions to the field of tension between commercial and fiscal profits.

This realization has led to the application within Van Clamsfield International Ltd. of a holistic approach to every business case, which entails that fiscal, legal and financial aspects of a case are usually interwoven with- and interdependent of each other. Therefore to view only one facet at a time does not provide a complete picture of the reality the firm is facing, as the other two facets with their specific implications have the power to change the breadth of the outcome the first facet claims to hold. For instance, an accelerated depreciation scheme is permitted from a financial perspective, but is not allowed from a fiscal-judicial standpoint. In such an event, fiscal-economic corrections need to be made to align the fiscal reporting with the company’s financial statements.

Van Clamsfield International Ltd. offers value to organizations through our determination to continue to enhance and re-invent our comprehensive body of knowledge, through our proactive attitude in solving the most complex issues, and through our triple in-house expertise. More importantly, we value our clients and we comprehend that the grassroots of entrepreneurship are based on the natural resources of our planet and the resourcefulness of people. Therefore, we strive for our knowledge to contribute to the welfare of your organization and to simultaneously provide the tools for sustainable growth in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

We hope to greet you in our office sometime soon,

Warm regards,

Naomi de Bie LL.M / MSc / MSc

CEO Van Clamsfield International Ltd.

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