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General Tax Practice

25361242-krant.jpgGeneral Tax Practice is primarily focused on all fiscal events that directly affect the (inter-)national fiscal determination of firm value. This entails questions concerning E.g. tax assessments and filing requirements, profit allocation, tariffs, valuation of annual income, permitted methods of depreciation, fiscal reserves, fiscal facilities, and the calculation of benefits. As a result, general tax practice need not be generalized, as it is of vital importance to provide tailored and practical knowledge to entrepreneurs to adequately meet their incumbent information needs. Van Clamsfield International Ltd. keeps its ear to the ground and strives to equip organizations with the latest information on changes in regulations and new possibilities, which are of relevance to their particular business format and fiscal situation. Furthermore, Van Clamsfield International Ltd. attends to the practice of filing tax returns and maintaining an open communication line with the presiding tax authorities on behalf of the client.

“The hardest thing to understand in the world is the income tax.”

Albert Einstein (14/03/1879 – 18/04/1955), German Physicist

Van Clamsfield International Ltd. tends to the next ‘general tax practice’ services:

  1. Filing of income tax returns, corporate tax returns, sales tax returns and payroll tax returns;
  2. Application for advance pricing agreement (APA) or advance ruling agreement (ATR);
  3. Preserving correspondence with governing tax authorities;
  4. Extension of filing for intermediaries on behalf of organizations’ filing requirements;
  5. Up-to-date information on dynamic tax law and the intrinsic consequence for a particular organization;
  6. Examination of (inter-)national opportunities for tax exemption or tax credit;
  7. Safeguarding Tax Compliance.
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